Univox Amplifiers

Early 60's Amps

I have very little information about there early amps, and only some model numbers. Some of the amps were made in the US, others were made in Japan and all used high end Jensen speakers. There were several variations of these amps. Some had gold grille coth and a diamond shaped Univox logo in the upper right corner. These tend to have the controls mounted on the top in the back and the tubes all point down inside. Others had white/grey grille cloth and an angled Univox logo in the upper left. Some of these also have controls on the top, but it then switched to controls in the front, like the later solid state amps. Also, some with controls in the front had brown/gold grille cloth. Some of the amps may have also been sold as "Magnasonic".

1968-1971 Amps

These amps had Japanese made chassis in Westbury made cabinets, and still used Jensen speakers. They were hybid tube and transistor amps, using two 6BM8 tubes (apparently an unusual design). The amp was covered in a black (sometimes dark grey) Rhinohide vinyl and had a silver plastic logo with stylized block letters on the black grillcloth. The front panle had one guitar and two auxiliary inputs, volume, tone tremolo (sped) and footswitch. See Catalogs Section for scans of catalogs. not that therte may be some crossover between this section and the "A" group below.

Univox A Group - 1971

These transistor amps had black tolex-covered cabinets with vinyl handles, black grillcloths surrounded by white beading, and some had corner protectors. Also two models, the U-150R and U-65RN, has a differnet logo design, with all caps on a metal strip on the grillcloth.

Univox B Group - 1971

These amps were distinguished by the fact that they were convered in either light blue/dark blue vinyl or black/grey vinyl. They were combination amps with transistors and lots of tubes. As far as I can tell, almost all of the amps and cabinets were availible in both colors.

Univox Group C (UX) - 1971

Designed for guitar bass or PA use, it consisted of the following. These probably only lasted a year or two. Two amp and cab combos were offered, The UX Bass System (1501 &1512) and the UX1500 Lead System (1501 &1516).

Univox Minimax - 1971

The Univox U-4100 Minimax (1, 2) was designed for a bass, organ, electric piano or guitar. It has 105 W, a 15" speaker, no tubes. Two channels with high and low inputs, volume bass and treble for each. Also, there was an optional UHF-2 High frequency horns add-on. This lasted until 1979 at the latest.

Univiox "Mobile Ohm" - 1974

The "Mobile Ohm" line was a series of solid state amplifiers that had a knob to select the ohms of the speakers (2,4 or 8) and included an "E.S.P." circuit (Electric Short Proof) to shut down the amp in case of a short or fault. The amps were not very high and generally had 2 channels, 5 inputs(two for each channel and a combined input) and 4 speaker outputs. The speaker cabinets included Univox Pro Mag speakers. The amps delivered the same wattage at all Ohm ratings

Unicord Stage Amps

Solid state amps produced around 1977 until about 1980, when they were replaced by the Westbury Amps. A precursor to the physical design of this line was the ULM-6, listed below. The Stage amps had a distinctive drop shadow logo in the upper left corner of the amp.

Westbury Amps

Westbury amps were solid state and were available from late 1980 until around 1982. All these had black vinyl covers and white script plastic logos in the middle of the grilles. Appeared very similar to Roland amps.

Other, Unknown/Undated Amps:

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