Univox Effie

The Effie was a thinline hollowbody guitar (U1935), a copy of the Epiphone Casino. Like the Casino, it has no center block, whereas a Gibson 335 or Guild Starfire does. It had a bolt on neck, rosewood fretboard, same head as Badazz, outline decal logo, two 12-pole humbuckers, finetune bridge, fancy harp tailpiece, elevated pickguard, 2 volumes and tones. The neck was maple and the body was poplar.


Available in orange sunburst (1) , cherry red (1) and jet black( 1, 2,. Also, this is what I believe to be a 12-string Effie, in sunburst( 1, 2, 3).

Portions Copyright Michael Wright, author of Guitar Stories Vol. 2, and Vintage Guitar Magazine; used by permission.