Unicord Heritage Guitars

The Heritage guitars was marketed by Unicord (the parent company of Univox) as a budget line of guitars. They were probably made in Korea and there were 4 models. Two were nylon string: the H20 Standard size had a spurce top, mahogany body, slotted head and no fret markers(13.5", $49.50) and the H25 Grand Concert Size (14.5", $66) which was nearly the same thing except size and price. The other two were steel strings: the H30 Grand Concert Size (14.5", $51) with spruce top, mahogany body, flad head, fret dots, Martin style pickguard and pin bridge with screw adjustable saddle, and the H40 Dreadnaught (15.5", 64$), nearly the same.


Available from after 1976 until at least 1980.

Copyright Michael Wright, author of Guitar Stories Vol. 2, and Vintage Guitar Magazine; used by permission.