Unicord Matsuoka Signature Series

The Ryoji Matsuoka series were classical guitars that were hand made in Japan. There were threee series, all with slotted heads adn some with a carved in design. The Convert series included the M20 (spruce top, nato neck), M30 (solid psruce top, mahogany neck), M40 (solid psruce top, mahogany neck) and all had rosewood bodies and fingerboards. The Artist Series included the M50 and M60 with aged spruce tops, Jacaranda bodies, ebony fingerboards and mahogany neck. The Old World Artisan Series included the M70 and M80, with "traditional one-piece Spanish classic neck construction", seasoned solid psruce tops, Jacaranda bodies, ebony fingerboards and mahogany necks. The M60 and M80 were also advertised as coming with "additional refinements"


Available from 1976 until at least 1980.

Copyright Michael Wright, author of Guitar Stories Vol. 2, and Vintage Guitar Magazine; used by permission.