UC-2/UC-3/UB-1 Bass

The UC-2 and UC-3 were solid body electrics that appear to be modeled after a Fender Mustang/Jaguar. The UB-1 was the bass version. These guitars were produced around 1965-66 and all had the plastic logo common during that time. The UC-2 had two single coil pickups (covered with white plastic) , a Fender headstock, 3 way switch, a black pickguard, volume and tone and a tremolo/bridge assembly. The UC-3 was nearly the same guitar, except with 3 single coils, 3 knobs and a switch. I assume the controls were wired like a Strat (5-way switch, 1 vol, 2 tone). the UC-2 was available in white (1, 2) and sunburst (1). The UC-3 was available in white (1, 2, 3, 4) and sunburst (1, 2, 3 ) .

The UB-1 had one single coil pickup, two controls and a thumb rest below the G string. It was a short scale (30 in.) bass. The UB-1 was available in sunburst (1) and white (1).